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    माजगांवकर, श्री ग (संपादक) (1056)
    अर्थ व सांख्यिकी संचालनालय, महाराष्ट् शासन, मुंबई (775)
    Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Government of Maharashtra (627)
    Bureau of Economics and Statistics, Government of Maharashtra (301)
    Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics (GIPE), Pune (India) (258)
    Madras Record Office (221)
    Government of India (163)
    Census of India, 1951 (138)
    Finance Department, Government of India (128)
    Department of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, India (126)
    Vaze, S G (125)
    Kakade, R G (Editor) (121)
    Government of Bombay (119)
    Finance Department, Government of Bombay (105)
    Macqueen, P (90)
    Servants of India Society (SIS), Pune (88)
    Gadgil, D R (86)
    Settlement Commissioner, Bombay (84)
    Indian National Congress (82)
    Ministry of Education, Government of India (81)
    Census of India, 1901 (74)
    Joshi, N M (66)
    Railway Department, Government of India (64)
    Department of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, Government of India (61)
    Municipal Commissioner, Bombay (61)
    Baliga, B S (59)
    Census of India, 1931 (59)
    Limaye, P M (59)
    Census of India, 1941 (58)
    Government of Maharashtra (55)
    Census of India, 1921 (47)
    East India Company (46)
    Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, Government of India (45)
    Bombay Legislative Council (44)
    East India (Progress and Condition) (43)
    Governor General of India in Council (43)
    Municipal Commissioner, Government of Bombay (43)
    Tariff Commission, India (43)
    Education Directorate, West Bengal (41)
    Indian Constitutional Reform (40)
    Mitra, N N (40)
    Public Works Department, Government of Bombay (39)
    Chief Inspector of Mines in India (38)
    Parchure, Rajas (38)
    Department of Commerce, United States (36)
    House of Commons, Great Britain (36)
    Bombay Presidency, Government of Bombay (35)
    Command of His Majesty (35)
    Department of Mine, India (35)
    Department of Statistics, India (34)
    Education Commission, Government of India (34)
    Meteorological Department, Government of India (34)
    East India Accounts and Estimates (33)
    Government of Madras (33)
    Inspector General of Police, Bombay (33)
    Poona Municipal Corporation, Poona (India) (33)
    Sovani, N V (33)
    Lathrop, Julia C (32)
    Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune (India) (32)
    Surveyor General of India (32)
    Bombay Millowners' Association, Bombay (31)
    Central Water and Power Commission (31)
    Registrar, High Court, Appellate Side, Bombay (31)
    Bombay Presidency, Bombay (30)
    Brahme, Sulabha (30)
    Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor, United States (30)
    Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London (30)
    Indian Tariff Board, Government of India (30)
    Madras Record office (30)
    Planning Commission, Government of India (30)
    Kale, Vaman Govind (29)
    Local Self-Government Department, Government of Bombay (29)
    Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (Commission of Railway Safety), Government of India (29)
    Central Provinces District Gazetteers (28)
    Commissioner of Police, Bombay (28)
    Department of Revenue and Agriculture, Government of India (28)
    Indian Tariff Board (28)
    Natarajan, K (28)
    Department of Agriculture, Bombay (27)
    Department of Labor, United States (27)
    Kakade, R G (27)
    Public Works Department, Bombay (27)
    Dandekar, V M (26)
    Deshpande, R S (26)
    Education Department, Government of Bombay (26)
    Kale, Shripad Vaman (26)
    National Industrial Conference Board (26)
    काळे, श्रीपाद वामन (26)
    Cole, G D H (25)
    Directorate of Education, Uttar Pradesh (25)
    Land Revenue Department, Bombay Presidency, Bombay (25)
    National Liberal Federation, India (25)
    Shah, Deepak (25)
    शिक्षा निदेशालय, उत्तर प्रदेश (25)
    Bombay Settlement Commissioner (24)
    Director of Land Records, Poona (24)
    East India (Estimate) (24)
    East India (Trade) (24)
    Inspector General of Prisons, Bombay Presidency (24)
    Punjab Government (24)